That's what a JunkYard Gypsy does!

JunkYard Gypsy LOVE’s VINTAGE ~

Collectible Vintage vases, linens, retro kitchens, cool old collectible toys, & any unique old item that I can scrounge up!

I also love to re-purpose & refresh old vintage items.

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Our Fab Finds are available through our Etsy Store as well as Bonanza

We also doEbay as JunkYardGypsies where put things up for auction

You will find all of our items listed in our Bonanza store, then they will be split between our Etsy store and our Ebay store except for those items we have listed at auction.

Basic Home Organization Information

The video below is a nice general overview of Why you should be organized, where to start, and what does being organized mean to you - "How does it fit your Life"?  Different people, different lifestyles, different levels of organization and how it works for you, may not be how it works for others.
Video provided by Meghan Carter of Ask the Decorator.